Agriculture Solutions WL0020-ATC First Impressions

Would buy another!

Very quick to calibrate and to use. I strongly recommend a refractometer vs. This is perfect to keep a check on the salt level in your tank. This device is a godsend and so much easier and cleaner to use. There are conversion charts and tables online. This requires repeatedly tapping the arm with a pencil. Great, I be had this b4 ez to test salt level.

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Agriculture Solutions WL0020-ATC Final Thoughts

Case is handy.

Very easy, turn screw very slowly to calibrate. Used distilled water to calibrate, the screw is located under the rubber cap. It's a basic but reliable refractomer I use it for my aquariums. I don't want to deal with temperature correction or. Don't care much for having to post a review in order to activate warranty. Im using it for trying to create water conditions for amano zoes. Make sure to knock out the bubbles on the white dial by hitting it with your knuckle.

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  • Agriculture Solutions WL0020-ATC Features & Specs
  • Measure salt water or salinity of water, ideal for aquariums and marine monitoring.
  • Measures on 2 scales, Specific Gravity (D 20/20) and parts per thousand.
  • Features automatic temperature compensation.
  • Comes with hard case, dropper, screwdriver, user manual and cleaning cloth.
  • The main part is made of chromium, it's very durable.
  • Manufacture: Xin Da Cheng
  • Product Dimensions: 2 x 3 x 8 inches; 8.8 Ounces

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