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I'm the test strip came in handy it saved all of my fish. Besides these few flaws I have to say it's a great starter kit. So did another water change today and now I have happy fish. This is a kit to test for my aquarium water quality. I will now test my water periodically to make sure everything is ok. I wish there were a simpler accurate test for it. But it is accurate and convenient as is.

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, is that a 6, 6.

I'm the test strip came in handy it saved all of my fish. If you're out for speed, but with less accuracy get the dip tests. I don't know so much about how precise these are. I have a 55 gallon tank with a few large goldfish. My tap water actually was really green and was a very close match to the 1. They're super easy to read and seem to be pretty accurate. In my opinion they arent quite as accurate as master test kits either.

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