Amtra A8047945 First Impressions

Beautiful rocks.

My only problem is trying to arrange them. I switched up my plans a bit and everything was lovely. Honestly not much more I can say about rocks. Hope this helps anyone that was wondering how we got our rocks so dark. Got this for my betta fish, he LOVES it. Will most likely buy more in the future. I soaked the rocks for about 20-25 min, took them out and hosed them off really well.

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Amtra A8047945 Final Thoughts

Great quality product.

My cichlid love hiding under the caves. I wanted a large stone to stand out from the rest. The result is a beautiful black rock with white lines. These broken bits are perfect for little details and filling gaps. It's not difficult but you need rinse over and over to get the water clear. It was plenty for the tank I wanted to scape. Photo 3 is during a diluted muriatic acid bath.

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  • aquarium ornaments
  • rock
  • natural
  • limestone
  • about 1 Kg
  • Manufacture: croci
  • Product Dimensions: 5.91 x 3.94 x 2.36 inches; 2.47 Ounces

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