Aqua L'amour First Impressions

Great for tall aquariums!

One month after first dry starting my tank. I stuck the other pack in freezer dont think ill need anytime soon. This allowed the seeds to disperse. After that it seemed to grow right before my eyes. Has not grown, has not died, it is just there. So took it out and trimmed most of the leaves off and left a couple on each stem. Such a wonderful and easy way to add whimsy to a tank.

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Aqua L'amour Final Thoughts

My fish love them.

Java Fern and Vallisneria, two of the easiest plants to have. Plants came in healthy and the instructions were clear on how to care for them. They floated for a really long time and eventually migrated together. I just wanted to update this almost 7 months later. It's really cute and I have plenty of seed left over to play in other places. They still floated around for a bit but eventually settled to the bottom evenly. I feel a little goes a long way too, so these two packages would plant a TON.

Overall Score

(300 Points)
  • Aqua L'amour Features & Specs
  • Each order contains 6 plants (+3 leaves each).
  • Excellent at removing amonia/nitrate waste from aquarium.
  • Exellent cover for fish fry and shrimps.
  • Freshwater Floating Plant, fast spreading under good condition.
  • Led lighting is fine, substrate or CO2 is not necessary.
  • Manufacture: Aqua L'amour

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