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One thing to note.

This time to add variety I ordered the FL bundle, and am once again glad I did. DO NOT BUY unless you have an established quarantine tank, and quarantine them first. EVERY SINGLE seed germinated and grew into a plant. After that it seemed to grow right before my eyes. Placed in the tank and after a week leaves started to turn to mush. These ferns are the only plants in my aquarium so i KNOW it's from them. I would note they did not come with any instructions.

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AquaLeaf Aquatics Final Thoughts

No melting.

This time I just put it all over the bottom. This package comes with TONS of seeds! Fast shipping, impressed with product. I guess the heated water finally got them to grow. Copper is toxic to inverts like snails and shrimp. I guess the heated water finally got them to grow. Older leaves were purple in color and new leaves were green.

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  • IMPORTANT: Please note that during times of extreme weather, live plants will suffer due to extreme temperatures. During winter, do not order live plants when temperatures are expected to go below 20F at the lowest point during the day. During summer, avoid ordering plants when temperatures are above 100F.
  • Easy live aquarium plant species for any freshwater aquarium. You get 10 grown plant bunches, 1 of each species. Each of our plant bunches have several stems.
  • Perfect for 10+ gallons aquariums. Create a natural habitat in your aquarium for your fish and invertebrates
  • Provide natural resting and hiding places for your smaller fish and invertebrates
  • If you are in California or a state where Anacharis are not allowed to be imported, look for our "California Bundle" by Aquarium Plants Discounts
  • Manufacture: AquaLeaf Aquatics
  • Item Weight: 6 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 9 x 4 x 3 inches

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