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NO sign of distress.

I stuck the other pack in freezer dont think ill need anytime soon. I can imagine I will buy this again as I use up the seeds. I just wanted to update this almost 7 months later. My tank is a medium light, low-tech 55g set up. But it's not a brilliant green but any stretch of the imagination. But on the marimo moss balls and even some of teh hardscape it was attached to. Can see where a leaf has been plucked.

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Love Them!

Java fern is doing ok, it is still getting used to the tank. And the amount of plants you get is by far the best deal. My fish and I are very happy with this purchase. I made a light wire webbing out of light weight wire. If I ever make another tank, I'm ordering from here again. The plants did all arrive dry so I am sure there will be some melting. I don't know if after the ParaGard treatment if I should treat it in an algaecide.

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  • Java Moss - Vesicularia Dubyana is another very popular and undemanding aquarium moss.
  • Vesicularia dubyana Good beginner plant, it can be cultivated in almost any kind of water.
  • Also known as Java Moss, this plant has a deep green color with tiny leaves. Java Moss is intensively branched with lots of tiny stems surrounded by rhizoids and leaves. The rhizoids are used by the moss to attach itself to substrates. Vesicularia Dubyana do not have any role in nutrient absorption. Because it has not roots, Vesicularia Dubyana should not be buried in gravel. Cultivation of this plant should be done by spreading a thin layer of Java Moss on top of a solid substrate as a rock or
  • Item Weight: 1.2 ounces

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