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This is day 3 of growth.

I felt like this was a great price for this plant. Then, before planting, dip them in the bucket for a few minutes. The sticky glue like glop it grows in was not a problem. So I have a few more Java Ferns starting from this mother plant. But on the marimo moss balls and even some of teh hardscape it was attached to. EVERY SINGLE seed germinated and grew into a plant. Was able to get 2 babies off of the stem already.

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Aquarium Plants Discounts Final Thoughts

No melting.

They are doing great and growing very well. In my low tech tank it grows slowly enough that it would be easy to control. They still floated around for a bit but eventually settled to the bottom evenly. So took it out and trimmed most of the leaves off and left a couple on each stem. Eventually the whole stem started to rot. Picture shows my new plants actually coating my old plants. And, it has survived pretty well considering I never give it nutrients.

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  • PLEASE READ BEFORE ORDERING: Please note that during times of extreme weather conditions, live plants will suffer due to extreme temperatures. During winter, do not order live plants when temperatures are expected to go below 20F at the lowest point during the day. During summer, avoid ordering plants when temperatures are above 100F. If you place an order under extreme weather conditions we will not able to guarantee live arrival
  • Easy live aquarium plant species for any freshwater aquarium
  • Provide natural resting and hiding places for your smaller fish and invertebrates
  • Create a natural habitat in your aquarium for your fish and invertebrates
  • Perfect for 10+ gallons aquariums
  • Manufacture: Aquarium Plants & Pets

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