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I was happy for that!

I made a light wire webbing out of light weight wire. No leaves have rotted and doing very well. On the plus side I can use the moss as living string to tie other plants to things. Some need more work then others to get them established. It seems hit or miss but the second time around I am very satisfied. It even stuck to the corys who had to brush against a rock to get it off. I absolutely love how this plant looks in my tank.

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Aquarium Plants Discounts Final Thoughts

Big healthy roots.

I just wanted to update this almost 7 months later. I'm ok with this since I have 3 assassin snails. Some leaves fell off, but overall doing very well. Overall, at the moment, I'm pleased with my purchase. Placed in the tank weighted and within 5 days was shedding leaves like crazy. Can see where a leaf has been plucked. This time to add variety I ordered the FL bundle, and am once again glad I did.

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  • IMPORTANT: Please note that during times of extreme weather, live plants will suffer due to extreme temperatures. During winter, do not order live plants when temperatures are expected to go below 20F at the lowest point during the day. During summer, avoid ordering plants when temperatures are above 100F.
  • You get 1 plants of about 3-5 inches in diameter. These are grown plants, ready to reproduce.
  • They serve as natural biofilters to your pond, helping clear the water naturally. Controls algae by absorbing nutrients from the water
  • Please note this plant ships with trimmed roots as sometimes they tend to fall off during transit due to heat. In case roots fall off upon receiving them, just place them in your pond and give them couple of weeks so they can re-establish themselves. If you live in areas experiencing above 90 temperatures, please make sure these plants are retrieved as soon as possible as extreme heat could kill these plants while in a box. Lastly, this plant can not ship to: AL, FL, ID, SC, TX, WI
  • Grown pesticide free in California
  • Manufacture: Aquarium Plants & Pets
  • Item Weight: 2 ounces

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