Aquarium Plants Factory First Impressions

I love these!

Was able to get 2 babies off of the stem already. Seller even wrote a detailed page of instructions to care for the plants. So I have a few more Java Ferns starting from this mother plant. Lobelia Cardinalis, arrived in perfect condition. Transfered into the aqurium on day 6. I'm ok with this since I have 3 assassin snails. I received the new package the next day and the plants were perfect.

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Aquarium Plants Factory Final Thoughts

Nice mix of heights.

Seller even wrote a detailed page of instructions to care for the plants. The plants did all arrive dry so I am sure there will be some melting. Treating it just like my other sword plants. It's part of it so do the dry start method. Just received my plants yesterday and I'm very happy with them. Get the seeds exactly where you want them before adding water. This time I just put it all over the bottom.

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  • Aquarium Plants Factory Features & Specs
  • You will get 1 Anubias Nana 'Petite' on Driftwood. (Approx. 2-3 inches in size)
  • Easy to move around in the aquarium without disturbing fish or substrate
  • Anubias are hardy and easy plant and they grow in almost any aquarium environment
  • We offer High Quality Aquarium Plants that grow with love in California
  • 24 Hours Live Arrival Guarantee* - In a rare case of live stocks dead on arrival, we must be notified within 24 hours by the same day of delivery. Please take clear photos of the damaged product and send it to us within 24 hours. Live Arrival Guarantee will be void after 24 hours of delivery.
  • Manufacture: Aquarium Plants Factory

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