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If you are not using Dr.

I have a great pump and uv light but still had cloudy-ish water. However, be aware that the dosage starts at 20 gallons. I hope I made the right decision, Betty is our family pet and is really loved! The aquasafe water conditioner is a fantastic de-chlorinator. This only applies to the 1st application. It took a couple of days to clear but it works. DON'T just wait everything will be fine.

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I love it.

My tap water is very heavy and this water conditioner does it's magic. I have been using API on his suits for 3 weeks now and so far so good. Do not gravel vac or disturb the substrate. I'm interested to see how long it works. Beats the heck out of those expensive suit cleaners. I do not use this as a product to treat my tap water. It's water change day so I did this step first then started cleaning the tank.

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  • NO AWFUL SMELL! The problem with some other aquarium water conditioners is that they smell horrible. Hobbyists pour these stinky products into their aquariums filled with their favorite aquatic pets and, YES, fish can smell! Our TankFirst water conditioner SOLVES THIS PROBLEM by using a natural additive that is just as effective without the foul odor. Your fish never have to suffer again!
  • CUTTING EDGE FORMULA! Makes tap water INSTANTLY SAFE by removing chlorine, and chloramines; it also detoxifies ammonia. Our complete premium conditioner is perfect for all freshwater, marine, and reef aquariums. Our premium 16.9-ounce bottle treats 1,000 gallons. Use 1 capful or 1 teaspoon per 10 gallons.
  • SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE! Our Premium Water Conditioner is PROVEN and TRUSTED for use with all freshwater and saltwater species including live corals and other invertebrates such as shrimps and snails. Even THE MOST SENSITIVE FISH ARE SAFE and it is the perfect choice for FRESHWATER SHRIMP and live planted aquariums and as a betta water conditioner.
  • REMARKABLE RESULTS! Use our TankFirst fish tank water conditioner when adding water lost by evaporation, during water changes, as well as when ammonia and/or nitrite levels are measurable. For exact details of how to use our water conditioner to remove ammonia see description below.
  • EASY TO USE! Our formula is very forgiving to adding a little too much. Imprecise measuring and small spills won't adversely affect your aquarium or your fish.
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