Aquatrone First Impressions

Lesson learned.

When I used it to get the water out, I found out it has pump function. I take that off to hit the fine crevices. Product arrived really quick and is packaged nicely. It works great and was fairly inexpensive compared to other similar products. Hopefully my replacement works and I can change my review. I have several divided tanks and I struggle to get the normal syphon in to clean. This has made it a lot easier to clean our fish tank.

  • Editor's Impressions Of The Aquatrone
  • Cleaning Ability [star rating='4.2']
  • Build Quality [star rating='3.8']
  • Value For Money [star rating='3.1']
  • Feature Set [star rating='3.3']

Aquatrone Final Thoughts

I will try again.

Best fish maintenance product I have purchased. Prolly also easier to use with larger hands. This little tool helped so much my bare bottom tank looks great again. I didn't see any grease or anything, but it smelled like it. I take that off to hit the fine crevices. Python overkill for that size but it has it's place. I haven't tried all the function tools this kit provided.

Overall Score

[star rating="4.1"]
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  • Aquatrone Features & Specs
  • PREVENT BUILT UP OF DEBRIS - Our aquarium siphon is used to remove any uneaten food or detritus that are trapped in the gravel which can be fatal to aquarium inhabitants if not removed. Do water changes easily with our fish tank vacuum gravel cleaner to reduce toxic ammonia, nitrite and nitrate levels in the water column, keeping your fishes happy and healthy.
  • DRAIN YOUR AQUARIUM WITH A FEW SQUEEZES - No more sucking on the hose risking dirty aquarium water from entering your mouth or scooping aquarium water from your fish tank to the bucket, spilling aquarium water on the floor creating a mess with the use of our aquarium gravel vacuum. Our aquarium water changer comes with a priming bulb to get the water flowing from your aquarium to the bucket, simply by squeezing the priming bulb for a few times. Aquarium maintenance made easy!
  • FISH SAFE - Our flexible aquarium vacuum gravel cleaner is meticulously designed using BPA free durable plastic. Each nozzle comes with a guard which eliminates the risk of your fishes from getting sucked up by the gravel cleaner and hurting your precious fishes.
  • HANDS-FREE - Suitable for aquariums with a height of 4 to 20 inches. Aquatrone's fish tank vacuum comes with a hose holder and a suction cup which holds the nozzle snugly onto glass, allowing you to drain your aquarium without having to hold the gravel vacuum, giving you time to clean your fish tank equipment in the meantime. Shorter time needed for aquarium maintenance!
  • VERSATILE - Our high quality fish tank gravel cleaner comes with 2 types of specialized nozzle. The short nozzle is for draining the aquarium while the long nozzle is for cleaning the gravel, by removing leftover food and debris that are trapped in the gravel. Aquatrone's fish tank gravel vacuum comes with a flow controller for easy control of the rate of draining. Suitable for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums.
  • Manufacture: Aquatrone

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