Aqueon 100536241 First Impressions

Just fly around the tank.

I'm interested to see how long it works. I love all of the API products, especially their easy to use test kits. I love all of the API products, especially their easy to use test kits. The difference is that he was going twice his normal speed. My water was cloudy with a very fine misty haze. It's water change day so I did this step first then started cleaning the tank. The aquasafe water conditioner is a fantastic de-chlorinator.

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Aqueon 100536241 Final Thoughts

Well, I have a betta.

I use in a freshwater aquarium and works well. My fish didn't appear negatively effected by it either. Do not gravel vac or disturb the substrate. Don't know if that made a difference but it didn't hurt. I have a 5 gallon tank, so that number was waaaay too high for me. Makes me want to get more aquarium's, lol. It has been 4 days and our beta is loving the clearer water.

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  • Aqueon 100536241 Features & Specs
  • Developed specifically for aquariums with shrimp and crayfish
  • Neutralizes harmful chlorine, chloramines, ammonia and heavy metals in tap water
  • Use when preparing tap water for new aquariums, performing water changes, or when adding water due to evaporation
  • Formulated with trace elements that are beneficial proper health and color expression
  • Convenient dosage cap is included - Add 5mL (1 tsp) for every 1 gallon of temperature adjusted tap or purified water
  • Manufacture: Central Garden & Pet
  • Item Weight: 5.2 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 1.7 x 1.7 x 5.4 inches

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