Aqueon First Impressions

Great value!

Maybe I'm using it wrong, but I got water EVERYWHERE. Prolly also easier to use with larger hands. I have a glass bottom aquarium with no substrate. It got clogged a few times and i had to take it to the sink and run water through it. I had a couple of problems as it was the first time I have used anything like this. With this 12 Volt aquarium cleaner that apprehension is eliminated. I am very satisfied with how the aquarium cleaner operates and highly recommend it.

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Aqueon Final Thoughts

I have double stands.

I hope that I do not need another but I would purchase again without hesitation. I would get suction for a few seconds and then it would trickle to nothing. I was using a 110 Volt aquarium cleaner before I purchased this one. Like I said can splice more hose on to reach to the outside or wherever. They more than helped me resolve my situation. I knew siphoning would be an issue,. I have several divided tanks and I struggle to get the normal syphon in to clean.

Overall Score

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  • Aqueon Features & Specs
  • The Aqueon Aquarium Water Changer with 25 ft Hose was developed to make routine water changes and vacuuming gravel easy and efficient for any level aquarist
  • Complete water flow control prevents spillage, facilitates more complete, thorough cleaning and eliminates the need for lifting heavy buckets of water
  • 11" gravel tube with built-in water flow control valve
  • Water flow sink attachment with adjustable splash reducing guard
  • Multi-connection faucet adaptor
  • Manufacture: Aqueon

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