AroPaw First Impressions

Looks lifelike.

This surprised me at how nice it is! Must have if you like thick stem plants. It's nice but it doesn't look as good as it does in the seller photo. A perfect plant for a deeper aquarium. This plant is very thick and well made. Placing the order today to finish things up. They may be soft, but it'll still tear long fins.

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AroPaw Final Thoughts

There's plenty of them.

Many reviewers mentioned these were just ok and it's accurate. I bought the 10 inch Purple ornament. This is a 5 gallon tank for reference. This particular plant does look good. Must have if you like thick stem plants. Our dwarf gourami loves to hide behind it and swim through it. The other has spread out, a bit flown.

Overall Score

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  • AroPaw Features & Specs
  • TOP QUALITY AQUA PLANTS- Made from BPA FREE plastic to ensure quality and safety, at the same time beautifying your tank.
  • VALUE PACK- The fake plant set includes all sizes ranging from small to tall, in all colors from Green grass to Red plants. As well as a cool decorative rock adding beauty to you fish bowl.
  • MAINTENANCE FREE- Fake fish supplies are a lot easier to maintain than real fish plants. Simply wash with warm water and dry before placing in the tank.
  • 20 PACK- Giving enough weighted plants in one set to truly enhance your 5-10 Gallon fishtank, making it a must buy!
  • WORKS FOR ALL FISH/ TURTLE- Perfect and safe for beta to goldfish and anything in between.
  • Manufacture: AroPaw

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