Beamswork First Impressions

I love this light.

It should be much further down the cord so that it can be hidden if desired. The purple hue bugged me that much I returned it. Overall, this LED light gives new fish tank owners the best bang for the buck. That said, I tried it out today and it's gorgeous! What happens when you mix a lot of blue with a little red. This is the second Nicrew light I have purchased for my aquariums. The second pic is my old Top Fin light for comparison.

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  • Brightness
  • Build Quality
  • Value For Money
  • Feature Set

Beamswork Final Thoughts

Mainly wanted timer.

The built-in schedule will restrict you which is super annoying. I contacted Nicrew support over the weekend and received a reply within hours. This lights had the reviews i was looking for. I can set it for 3-12 hours so helps save me sometime before work in the morning. The timer mode utilized seems like the only timer mode I wouldn't really ever want. The second pic is my old Top Fin light for comparison. The entire process took only a few days.

Overall Score

(506 Points)
  • Beamswork Features & Specs
  • Lumen
  • Config: 10000K, Actinic 460nm
  • Timer Ready, 2 Mode Day/Night Extendable
  • Suitable for freshwwater, cichlid, tropical fish, FOWLR
  • 1 Year Warranty*
  • Manufacture: Beamswork

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