Blue Ridge Fish Hatchery First Impressions

They love these flakes.

It also seems to create less waste than other brands, which keeps my tank cleaner. I have been using this stuff for a couple of years without a problem. I went to a different Petco and found the right brand and brought it home. I found this TetraMin Tropical Flakes item that met all of my needs. I have a number of freshwater aquariums with a wide variety of fish. This bucket of flakes allow me to feed these guys for 18 months. This bucket of flakes allow me to feed these guys for 18 months.

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Blue Ridge Fish Hatchery Final Thoughts

Value for money.

I accidentally purchased this thinking it was flake food. Overall, I would recommend this food if someone asked my. I have a sorority of 7 bettas, and they love this food. The flakes are consistently mostly big, so it's not a big bucket of duff at all. However, I did have one small issue my package was delivered to my neighbor. The fish seem to not care about the switch either way. Many betta foods are floating orbs that have a diameter too large for bettas.

Overall Score

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  • Blue Ridge Fish Hatchery Features & Specs
  • MADE IN THE USA - koi and goldfish fish food, premium all-season floating pellets and the same high-quality diet used by leading American Koi breeders at a fraction of the price
  • EASILY DIGESTED Floating pellets soften quickly for easy digestion, encourage healthy growth, and will not pollute the water
  • PERFECT FOR KOI AND GOLDFISH 5 INCHES AND SMALLER This food provides a completely balanced nutritional diet that greatly enhances growth in all koi and goldfish
  • A HEALTHY CHOICE Contains a special blend of vitamins and minerals that promotes resistance to stress and immunity to disease
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE Blue Ridge Koi and Goldfish products are made in the USA by strict guidelines. We are 100% confident and stand behind the quality. We believe the quality of this food will improve the quality of your fish or your money back!
  • Manufacture: Blue Ridge Fish Hatchery
  • Product Dimensions: 12 x 12 x 15 inches; 14 Pounds

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