Blue Spotted AM34813 First Impressions

Otherwise, thanks!

Perfect fit for older aquarium's with thicker center piece and sides. I bought this hood to replace the glass ones I had. They provide extra handles just in case which is nice. Bought one for a 10 gal Tetra aquarium. Overall everything came intact and its working so I'm satisfied. Had a small issue with the handles. When I would attempt to feed them, these monsters would JUMP out of the tank.

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Blue Spotted AM34813 Final Thoughts

No gaps, no issues.

The tape provided has a little tab that makes it easy to peel and stick. When I first picked up the package, it was really light. FACTORY WATERPROOFING IS INADEQUATE. I am very happy I didn't list to the nay sayers! My old hood was cracked and in desperate need of replacing. I mean it's the same brand and says it's for our size tank. Two peel and stick plastic lift pulls are provided.

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  • Blue Spotted AM34813 Features & Specs
  • Two brand new 2-piece Aquarium Glass Canopy Sets for 33 Gallon Long, 40 Gallon Show, 55 Gallon Show Aquariums, AM34813, for 48" Long x 13" Wide Aquariums with center brace by Aquarium Masters, Deep Blue, Perfecto, and more
  • Contains Two 22-15/16 inch by 11-1/2 inch glass canopies, Comes with 2 inch wide plastic backstrip that can be cut to accommodate airline tubing, heaters, and other gear. Each canopy comes with a handle and each canopy folds open
  • Fits the following framed standard and reef ready aquariums: 33 Gallon Long, 40 Gallon Show, 55 Gallon Show Aquariums 48" Long x 13" Wide Aquariums with center brace by Aquarium Masters, Deep Blue and more
  • Blue spotted glass canopies include diamond polished edges, handle, hinge, and backstrip on most standard models - Aquarium lids, Aquarium top, Aquarium cover, Aquarium glass lid, Aquarium glass cover, Aquarium glass top
  • Before purchasing, please see our video on "How to determine the canopy you need", located in the photos section of this listing!! Glass canopies available for 10 gallon to 360 gallon aquariums.
  • Many fish can and will jump out of your aquarium. Nearly all fish can do this for numerous reasons.
  • On a similar note, a cover will help foreign objects from falling into the aquarium. If there are young children or pets in your household, this could be a very important consideration. Same thing if you keep any supplies above the tank.
  • A cover reduces evaporation, which means you will not lose water as quickly. This can be pretty noticeable in warm water systems. Evaporation can also leave mineral deposits behind.
  • Manufacture: Blue Spotted
  • Product Dimensions: 22.93 x 11.5 x 0.25 inches; 10 Pounds

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