Bubble Magus First Impressions

Good value.

YOU WILL NOT get an accurate reading if there are bubbles on the needle. Every time I leave to do something I come back and it's at the bottom of my tank. On the shaft of the refractometer, there's a little, rubber-covered nub. However, the numbers are soooo small it is sometimes hard to read. Just rinse with warm water afterwards. I use this for my 10g brackish and it works ok. Bought this as a back up refractometer.

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  • Accuracy [star rating='4.8']
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  • Feature Set [star rating='4.7']

Bubble Magus Final Thoughts

Easy to use.

Functions just as it is supposed to. Be sure to buy the calibration solution and test this before use! Ambient room light at night is not enough and makes what you're viewing dark. It is a little cheaper made but it works great for the cost! I decided to upgrade and it was easy to calibrate. I would recommend this product to anyone that has a marine aquarium. So worth it considering its great quality and great price.

Overall Score

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