Carib Sea 110 First Impressions

Great quality.

Everyone ask where did i get that color. But didnt return it as it still looked cool with few coloured pebbles scattered. I did rinse it off before putting it in the aquarium. Perfect for the corydoras, pleasing to the eye. It's my new, absolute favorite substrate. It smells like chlorine and epoxy glue. Although I had to rinse it about 5 times to fully get ALL of the dust out.

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Carib Sea 110 Final Thoughts

Love these!

Removed pebbles and refilled for the 3rd time. I absolutely love how the rocks glow in my tank! Stir periodically and then your good to go! A little bigger than what I wanted but I still used it. I planned on spending 24-48 hours removing all the dust in washes and soaks. So far, really happy with how it looks in my small tank. This was the cheapest DIY project with a big wow factor.

Overall Score

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  • Carib Sea 110 Features & Specs
  • May also be used in marine or African cichlid aquariums
  • Contains millions of beneficial marine bacteria to enhance biological filtration
  • Ideal for most freshwater aquaria, including discus, tetras, angelfish, water turtles, rays, plants, cichlids and more
  • Manufacture: Pro-Motion Distributing - Direct
  • Product Dimensions: 10 x 2 x 14 inches; 10 Pounds

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