COODIA First Impressions


They like lining up and swimming against it. I bought this to address an algae bloom. It's totally silent, runs very cool, and is reliable so far. Everything is still clear 4 days later. After two more days of running, I turned it off because of the current. I came home to a bloom explosion and water that looked like kiwi sangria. I had to harness the power of the Sun and dunk it into my tank but it worked.

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COODIA Final Thoughts

No complaints.

I believe I have never had a Marineland product before, and am generally impressed. I was skeptical because of the price, but this thing really is a game changer! You need to replace this after cleaning the filter every so often. The best price by far from anything i could find online. If you have a Biocube 29 HQI, this is a great choice at a reasonable price. Highly recommend as substitute tubing for your canister filters. It tasted delicious and looked great in my glass.

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  • COODIA Features & Specs
  • Turns green water to clear in 3 to 7 days by killing the floating a-lgae
  • Suitable for Saltwater and Freshwater
  • Clean up to 75 gallons tank
  • Built in 5 watt water pump
  • 5 Watt U-V bulb included
  • Manufacture: COODIA

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