CousDUoBe First Impressions

Look great.

Our dwarf gourami loves to hide behind it and swim through it. Great parts, just not fluffed at all. The product is top quality for price. Stays down on it's own dont even have to bury it. Our dwarf gourami loves to hide behind it and swim through it. Also scaping in this way gives me a lot more options for a lower price. They are very pretty and add a nice flare to the tank.

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CousDUoBe Final Thoughts

Good price.

It smells pretty strong of plastic when you first open the bag. This surprised me at how nice it is! Makes it look a little more natural. The plants are soft and won't cut the bettas fins, and haven't so far. Foreground are real plants, background are the artificial. Fake plants are easy to remove allowing greater access for substrate cleaning. I soaked them in water for a few hours before adding them to the tank.

Overall Score

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  • CousDUoBe Features & Specs
  • Using PE raw materials+ quartz ceramic base, high quality plastic , ceramic base more stable,do not damage to the water quality in the tank.
  • The soft material doesn't scratch the fish, and the plants sway with the waves, which makes it look real. It can also be grown in fresh or sea water.
  • Note: Plastic plants may get squeezed and deformation during packaging,.They can be restored by soaking them in warm water for a while.
  • Color: The gradient colors make our artificial seaweed more gorgeous, and more vivid.
  • Size: 12.2 Inches(31 cm) Include:11 x aquarium plastic plant.
  • As the water ripples, 11 Artificial seaweed create a true underwater world for the fish.
  • Seagrass is 12.2 inches tall and uses a gradient of color to make it look more beautiful and vivid.
  • The artificial seaweed is made of plastic, without metal, is soft, and the plants in your tank are no fishy smell.
  • Manufacture: CousDUoBe

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