Creative Farmer First Impressions

They glow really bright!

I like that you can be creative with these and build your own miniature structures. I ordered two of these for my 75 gallon tank. I love them and they are an asset to my collection of crafts! I didn't want round marbles in my tank, I had wanted the flat kind. I am currently using three and have some left over for another tank. No chips, cracks or obvious flaws precluding use. I like that you can be creative with these and build your own miniature structures.

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Creative Farmer Final Thoughts

I love these beads.

I am using them in a shallow pan with water to let bees drink. One thing I can say is 200 pieces is only good for a 5 gallon tank. Wish I had done this a long time ago. All arrived clean and in good condition. 500 marbles isn't as big a bag as you think, but they're all there. If you are ok with the price, they are really pretty. Reviews say not to clean them when they get dirty so I won't.

Overall Score

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  • Qty : 500GM , Material: Pebbles/Stone
  • Uses || Terrariums|Vases| Flower Vases| Garden Patios, Pavements || Waterfalls And Realted Decorations, || Water Fountains, Courtyard Gardens || Used In Aquariums And Artistic Monuments || Garden Walks / Pathways || Used For Decor Purpose At Hotels, Restaurants As Well As In Households || Perfect For Flooring, Shower Floors & Walls And Pools/Aquariums Etc.
  • Usage : Used For Decorating Home And Parks, Landscaping, Wall Cladding/Aquariums
  • Suitable For Fish Tank/Aquarium, Garden, Lawn, Table And Flower Vase.
  • A Quality Product From Creative Farmer
  • Manufacture: Creative Farmer
  • Item Weight: 12.3 ounces

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