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Yes years.

I couldn't be happier with my purchase. Just what I wanted, couldn't be happier! I was originally going to buy the black version, but it sold out before I could. My son got these for his turtle and gecko aquariums. I am assuming every piece looks different. These are about the size of a double fist. 3 pieces of Cholla cactus wood, Boiled and put in Aquarium, all is good.

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5gal tank!

I am assuming every piece looks different. The water was clear enough for me to use. Gave a very realistic look to my 10 gallon tank. I left it to soak in tap water at room temperature while I sat up my aquarium. Slightly larger tanks can make something fit better. Make sure you boil the item before adding to your set up. I am impatient and don't want to wait to soak.

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  • AQUASCAPE LIKE A PRO - Create a beautiful, stunning aquascape effortlessly while adding depth, texture and a lifelike touch of nature to any aquarium. Our molded Manzanita is the perfect hardscape element to create a maze of branches for smaller schooling fish or provide structure for seahorses and shrimp.
  • LIFELIKE APPEARANCE– Molded from actual curated pieces of Manzanita Wood, it’s dense thick stem and flexible branches look real and can be bent or cut for easy adjustment. Overall product dimensions: 22" H x 17" W x 6" D.
  • 100% AQUARIUM SAFE - Safe for all aquarium fish, shrimp, snails, plants in both fresh and saltwater. Unlike natural driftwood, does not alter pH or water chemistry and will not rot or leach.
  • READY TO AQUASCAPE – Included weighted base sinks branch immediately, requires no pre-soaking and will not discolor water. Easy to clean, simply soak in hot water and wipe clean with a soft dry cloth.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - We are so sure you’ll be happy with your purchase that we offer a “30-Day Money-Back Guarantee” to ensure customer satisfaction of our Current USA products. If for ANY reason you wish to return or are unhappy with our product, we will promptly issue you a refund or send a replacement.
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