DEPEPE First Impressions

Easy to use repeatedly.

I bought these because I was afraid my shrimp were getting sucked up in the filter. Stop buying those expensive filters, buy this and make your own. We rinse the filters 2x a day and they remain in continuous 24 hour operation. I have been using an Aquaclear 50 on a 20g long planted tank. Works well for my low flow Aquaclear 20. Even its quite costly, but it last long. Nitrates in small doses are not as harmful to the fish as Ammonia.

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DEPEPE Final Thoughts

Love this stuff.

You will also need to replace their rechargeable batteries about every 2 years or so. We use this product to the extreme. Fish that are constantly swimming hard will tire and die from stress. This filter system doesn't come with everything to you need. We rinse the filters 2x a day and they remain in continuous 24 hour operation. Tank is clean and all my new shrimp are still alive! Don't restrict air-flow around them as they do get quite warm.

Overall Score

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  • DEPEPE Features & Specs
  • Material: Polyester; Zipper Material: Plastic, Corrosion Resistant
  • Package contains: 5 white filter bags + 5 black filter bags
  • Filter bag size: 15cm*20cm/5.9"*7.8"
  • Mesh hole diameter: approx. 1mm, suitable for respiratory biological rings, activated carbon, volcanic rocks, coral sands, ceramic rings, etc. Not applicable for finer particles.
  • Filter bags are good for various filters, including fresh water tanks, tank filters, power filters, etc.
  • Manufacture: DEPEPE

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