Dohuge First Impressions

Very good quality!

Hope this list helps those who are new to keeping fish-- they are a great first pet! It has everything except for the pebbles we purchased separated we loved it! Enough colors and gradients to please any demanding scaled pet. This is the best 5 gallon tank you will ever purchase for the price. I don't remove my lid that much so, not a big deal to me. - it really only holds 4 gallons after you add gravel and decorations. The heater was a no-name 200W UL certified.

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  • Build Quality [star rating='4.8']
  • Value For Money [star rating='5']
  • Feature Set [star rating='5']

Dohuge Final Thoughts

Great for a small space.

And the lights that it comes with are my absolute favorite. I'm working on a planted tank, will decide what fish will work. Tank is great, quiet enough, no motor sound, lights quite nice. Definitely recommend this tank hands down! I always had bubbles on the front of my tank no matter how I faced the tubes. Plan to buy another filter as this filter will be too noisy for you to tolerate! I have this unit deployed for a couple of months now.

Overall Score

[star rating="4.7"]
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  • Dohuge Features & Specs
  • Superior forged stainless steel Aquarium Tweezers, anti-rust, sturdy and flexible enough
  • The Straight and Curved Tweezers Overall length approx 27cm/10.6inch
  • Long reptile feeding tongs safe and easy to use, no harm to water plants, also can prevent accidental injuries from your reptile's mouth
  • Excellent anti-slip grip for picking up smaller objects like small stones
  • Perfect for feeding and handling aquarium plants, bearded dragon tank accessories, live food for larger aquatic pets or corals
  • Manufacture: Dohuge

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