ECtENX ALJL24-WBX-FBA1 First Impressions

I am happy again.

As long as you seal it before using it, it should perform well. The daytime lights are MUCH brighter than the lights my Top Fin hood has built in. I am so in love with this lights and looking forward to start a new planted tank. I contacted Nicrew support over the weekend and received a reply within hours. Sadly I can't really use it yet because the glass canopy I ordered hasn’t arrived. You just position it over the glass strip where the old strip light used to sit. That said, I tried it out today and it's gorgeous!

  • Editor's Impressions Of The ECtENX ALJL24-WBX-FBA1
  • Brightness [star rating='3.4']
  • Build Quality [star rating='4.3']
  • Value For Money [star rating='4.6']
  • Feature Set [star rating='4.4']

ECtENX ALJL24-WBX-FBA1 Final Thoughts

It is very bright!

This tank is 15 years old with lps and sps corals. It's so bright, I was concerned that I would bleach the corals at the 1 setting. I may purchase this if I decide to start a frag tank. I am very pleased and plan to get the smaller version for my betta tank. It's been a few years since I left this review and thought I'd leave an update. The person I sold them to had one start smoking and burnt out the white channel. Compared to the original Classic, the Plus model is a very nice upgrade.

Overall Score

[star rating="4.3"]
(919 Points)
  • ECtENX ALJL24-WBX-FBA1 Features & Specs
  • Aquarium clip light super bright, energy efficient and long lasting LEDs, two-color LED lighting (blue and white) illuminates your tank's inhabitants, great for night viewing
  • Aquarium led light enhance colors in fish and corals and can be used to provide stunning lighting effects in the day or night
  • Super bright, 40% energy-saving than ordinary LED lights, the energy efficient and long lasting LEDs produce amazing shimmer to your aquarium
  • Gooseneck clamp/mount aquarium light, soft arm can be adjusted by any angles and positions
  • Note: The light clamp mount doesn't fit tanks with black top boarder which thicker than 0.39 inches. One-Year Limited Warranty
  • Two Lighting Modes: Only blue lights on for nightlight, white and blue lights all on for daylight.
  • Aquarium clip light a great night light and tank illuminator, two-color LED lighting, illuminates your tank's inhabitants.
  • Durable metal gooseneck tube can be 360 degree rotating, and convenience to illuminate any corner of fish tank.
  • Manufacture: ECtENX

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