Eheim 720686370050 First Impressions

Looks good.

Hardly noticeable that it is running for an aquarium air pump. The current from the circle is so strong circulation is not a issue! This runs pretty darn quiet for a high output air pump. I currently have it in a closet to grow aquatic plants and brine shrimp. This pump cost a bit more than the small quite ones but is way more powerful. The rubber feet dampen most anything that the sealed pump doesn't cover. This would be the fourth attempt to satisfy my needs and my ears.

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Eheim 720686370050 Final Thoughts

Strong pump, super quiet.

My 20H tank is in my office, 3 feet away from my desk. Not to mention tank depth, etc becomes a factor. I'd say this pump would be loud if it were used in the same room as you. I have the pump hooked up to a large sponge. Before the fan, it was to hot to even hold! You MUST use a fan with this pump or it will def burn out or lose pressure. Its not going to vibrant on anything!

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  • Eheim 720686370050 Features & Specs
  • Eheim
  • Air pump
  • 60 gallons
  • Manufacture: Eheim
  • Product Dimensions: 4 x 4 x 6 inches; 1 Pounds

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