emours First Impressions

Great product.

At first, I was getting bubbles sticking to the rotating arrow. I decided to upgrade and it was easy to calibrate. The water was at what I expected it should be. Pretty darn accurate for the price. I don't want to deal with temperature correction or. Wipe down glass surface to dry it and put it back on the shelf til next time. When I'm testing my aquarium water, I want immediate, clear results.

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emours Final Thoughts

Great price.

My only criticism would be that it's a little too dark. This one here was much cheaper,& exactly the same as they sold in the store. Make sure to knock out the bubbles on the white dial by hitting it with your knuckle. Calibrate with distilled water and test every so often. At first, I was getting bubbles sticking to the rotating arrow. Now that it's calibrated I love it! Compare it with the refractometer and adjust the refractometer so that it matches.

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  • emours Features & Specs
  • Material: Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) + knit cloth; durable
  • PVC material is chemical and scratch resistant. With velvet inner, can keep your hand warm even in the cold water environment.
  • 27-Inch extra long design. Can keep your hand from getting wet inside the tank .Hand portion size:18x12.5cm/ 7 x 4.9inch ( L x W) ,one size fits most all(medium to large size); with elasticated cuffs, protects hands and arms up to the shoulder;
  • Thicken material,fully lined,waterproof. Keep your hands and arm dry when changing fish tank water, also can prevent allergies, cuts during aqua maintenance;
  • Multifunctional. Can be used in aquarium cleaning, also can be used in aquatic seafood fishing operations.
  • Manufacture: Kensid

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