EvaGO First Impressions

I highly recommend it.

Will not grow anything aside from Anubias and moss balls. I say it's a good buy and a very nice tank. Not crazy about the lid or the stand. Not impossible to reach but definitely an odd angle you have to go in from lol. This is the best 5 gallon tank you will ever purchase for the price. I'm working on a planted tank, will decide what fish will work. I think it's a great looking tank and I would definitely recommend it to others.

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EvaGO Final Thoughts

It is very quiet.

The aquarium kit is with the exception of the filter is excellent! Will not grow anything aside from Anubias and moss balls. The pump is also as close to silent as you can get. And the lights that it comes with are my absolute favorite. The lights have a timer and three different levels of brightness and color. It is perfect for small places like a kitchen counter, night stand, or even a desk. Instructions were easy to use and the filter system is relatively quiet.

Overall Score

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  • EvaGO Features & Specs
  • Quality Feeding Tweezers: Superior forged stainless steel reptile feeding tweezers with fine carbonation protection coating processing surface, sturdy and flexible enough
  • Excellent Aquarium Tools: Perfect for feeding and handling aquarium plants, bearded dragon, tarantulas, snakes, spiders, Gecko, aquatic fish, slings, salamanders, live food for larger aquatic pets or corals and more
  • Long Reptile Feeding Tongs: Has 15 inch length, with carbonation protection coating against rust; easy to use with any proper angles, no harm to water plants, also can prevent accidental injuries from your reptile's mouth, make feeding a lot easier
  • Premium Anti-slip Clips: Curved Tweezers with serrated tips for picking up smaller objects like small stones, worms, never worry slip off; also their handle with anti-skid design, help you grip stuff firmly
  • Package Included: 1x Black Curved Tweezer; Please remember to rinse and dry with water after each use, keep away from children and pets
  • Manufacture: EvaGO

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