Exo Terra PT1998 First Impressions

Love this spout.

Not having a free flow intake is what burns electric pump motors out. The COODIA UV filter is behind the big rose quartz on the left. After two more days of running, I turned it off because of the current. Its pump apparentely was too small for the tank. Closing the shades and a massive water change could not hold it at bay. It's bulky and must be completely submerged so it's hard to miss in my tank. It works, it's not too expensive, and I'm happy.

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Exo Terra PT1998 Final Thoughts

Does the job.

Also, added Value Pack-- Bonded Blue& White Poly Filter Pad Floss 600-square-inches. Eheim has always been a dependable product. I regularly test for nitrate, nitrite, total hardness, alkalinity, pH. The Aquatop seem and the flow feels more powerful. Great pump for CPR BakPak protein skimmer. Sure one would work okay, but two are optimal and your fish will thank you for it. This had turned my tank from a black algae mess to Crystal clear.

Overall Score

(96 Points)
  • Exo Terra PT1998 Features & Specs
  • 100% biological turtle habitat cleaner
  • Reduces and Controls Odors
  • Rapidly Reduces Organic Waste
  • Essential to provide your turtle with clean water conditions
  • Important to use a water conditioner to detoxify tap water
  • Manufacture: Pro-Motion Distributing - Direct
  • Item Weight: 5.3 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 8 x 5 x 4 inches

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