FISH PROS FN-401 First Impressions

The net itself is tiny.

It is actually pretty easy to scoop shrimp in! The size of the mesh is small and perfect for my needs. They are just as described and great quality, especially for the price! I am planning to slowly siphon the hatched eggs into the aquarium. The fine mesh allows me to capture fry with incident too. The net is very soft and it has a nice wooden handle. Will definitely buy again if I need them.

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FISH PROS FN-401 Final Thoughts

Good price.

This is SUCH a great deal for a set of PREMIUM aquarium nets. I HATED trying to catch shrimp before, so I was skeptical this would help at all. I suspect that it will just if you don't. I do recommend this to anyone looking for a smaller size fish tank net. Those dirty dishes in the washer will just have to wait. And they are not meant to scoop heavy things. It has worked very well for me and I especially like the small size of it.

Overall Score

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  • FISH PROS FN-401 Features & Specs
  • 【DURABLE HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS】★ A strong but soft nylon mesh net, safe for catching small fish, but tough enough for removing large quantities of debris – A heavy duty stainless steel handle that will not bend or rust -- This aquarium net is made to last.
  • 【EXTENDABLE TELESCOPIC HANDLE】★ The extendable feature of the stainless steel handle enables you to reach to the bottom of deep fish tanks without having to get your hands wet. The handle extends up to 2 feet long!
  • 【SAFELY CATCH AND TRANSFER FISH】★ The soft, nylon netting is safe for catching almost all aquarium fish. Gentle enough for baby fish, guppies, small fry, and shrimp.
  • 【EASILY REMOVE DEBRIS】★ Great as a skimmer for removing debris, waste, or uneaten fish food from your aquarium. This fish net is perfect for general aquarium cleaning and maintenance.
  • 【DIMENSIONS】★ The 4 Inch net measures 4" W x 3" H with a 2.5 inch deep pocket and the 6 Inch net is 6” W x 4.5” H with a pocket depth of 4 inches.
  • Manufacture: FISH PROS

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