Flipper 5695325COM First Impressions

Seems a little wasteful.

My sponge, duster worms, snails and crabs, porcelain and emerald are doing well. It's simple enough to put together. An Eco Bio block is a good idea to. Looks very similar to more expensive tanks for much less. FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS THAT COME WITH IT. I think I am going to get the 28 gallon also for my office area in the loft. It comes with everything you'd want besides a heater and protein skimmer.

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Flipper 5695325COM Final Thoughts

They work well for algae.

My tanks cycled quickly, and I've had no problems with ammonia. Not a single smear or excess silicon in any place, no bubbles, ymmv. I didn't even add the skimmer, and it has be perfect. I plan on plenty invertebrates and softies only so I may never need to upgrade. Use seachem prime and stability with every water change and as needed by directions. To me I think it is worth it to have such a good tank. Beautiful tank, had a local glass co.

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  • Flipper 5695325COM Features & Specs
  • age range description: All Life Stages
  • special features: Made In AmericaIncludes Stand
  • Manufacture: AMJG7
  • Product Dimensions: 15.69 x 25 x 28 inches; 42 Pounds

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