Fluker's BCI012192-X2 First Impressions

Subtracted from the tank.

Ordered three of these and they do the job. When I set up my newest tank I will be getting another one of these. This thermometer is spot on accurate. So far I've been very thrilled with these. SIX Digital Thermometers with SIX batteries INCLUDED working so well. The suction works for a month at a time- in pool and hot tub circulation. They reviewed the packaging or shipping by saying it arrived broken.

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Fluker's BCI012192-X2 Final Thoughts

Changed to 5-stars now.

I was using one of those ubiquitous cheap digital thermometers on Amazon. And is easily hidden behind a plant. One extra battery came with each unit. This thermometer is spot on accurate. These things are useful for a lot besides pet husbandry, too. I have this thermometer on all my tanks. This company is taking the long term view of how to do business right.

Overall Score

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  • Fluker's BCI012192-X2 Features & Specs
  • 2 Pack of Flukers Hermit Headquarters Thermometer & Hydrometer Combo
  • Combination gauge to measure temperature and humidity in crabs enclosure
  • Adhesive back makes attaching to inside of enclosure easy
  • Recommended to use 2 combo meters, one on each end
  • Appropriate extra is 78-82 degrees and humidity between 60-80%
  • Manufacture: Flukers
  • Product Dimensions: 3 x 1 x 2 inches; 0.96 Ounces

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