Fluval A219 First Impressions

I was to tire to fix it.

This one is working perfectly good FOR RIGHT NOW. Now I'm having the same issue with the Aqua Clear 50. This filter comes with a sponge, activated carbon, and bio material in a mesh bag. Lightly clean the silver roller pins on the ends. BUT after some YouTube research I was able to fix the noise issue. The lever on the bottom helps even the filter out. This one is working perfectly good FOR RIGHT NOW.

  • Editor's Impressions Of The Fluval A219
  • Filter Effectiveness [star rating='4.9']
  • Build Quality [star rating='3.8']
  • Value For Money [star rating='3.7']
  • Feature Set [star rating='5']

Fluval A219 Final Thoughts

Came on time.

I eyedball everything and put it together with a look back at instructions. Overall, I'm very happy with this filter. The first night I had the pump going it started making a screeching sound. SO, I sat down and read EVERY little thing in rhe instructions. It's only rated at 25 gph less, but holds considerably less media. I liked the clean lined look and the pull out basket. I ordered 4 of these, for different tanks of course.

Overall Score

[star rating="4.7"]
(1919 Points)
  • Fluval A219 Features & Specs
  • Multi-Stage Filter that produces healthy aquarium water, freshwater or marine aquariums
  • Features Smart Pump Technology for optimal filter performance, efficiency and management
  • Self-starting filter-just add water and plug in. Head height (maximum): 3. 3 m (10. 8 feet)
  • For aquariums up to 400 gallons
  • Multi-stage filter pumps out an astounding 925 gallons (3500 L) of water per hour
  • Smart Pump – advanced microchip technology continuously monitors and optimizes pump performance
  • Self-starting – just add water, plug in and Smart Pump will take over. Trapped air auto-evacuated every 12 hours to ensure maximum efficiency
  • Easy water changes eliminate need to lift heavy buckets. Simply attach hosing to output (Kit sold separately) and Smart Pump does the rest
  • Manufacture: Fluval
  • Product Dimensions: 15 x 15 x 20 inches; 19.9 Pounds

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