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Had to go another way.

Description says if they dont go together use zip ties. This is a great option for keeping two bettas in the same tank! I'm not using it but keeping it in case. I'm separating male and female cichlids. Divider works well for our two Bettas that share a 10 gallon aquarium. I turn a 10-gallon tank into three, 3. It is difficult to move the side bars to move out to close the gaps.

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5 gallon fabric pots.

You will have to cut them to fit any other size aquarium. The holes are smaller than some other similar dividers, which is why I chose these. I know Betta fish are aggressive, so they must be separated. The connection joints are very snug. So I divided it allowing me to have 2 tanks in one large tank. I got this so I could put two male bettas in a tank. And since it has been working ok, I decided to change the review to 4 star.

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