Gravel Cleaners First Impressions

Took him an hour.

Ignore the orang plastic clip that attaches to a bucket. I put it together in a cinch and was off and running. And suddenly it began running again! It works great and was fairly inexpensive compared to other similar products. I let everything soak in water and washed with safe dish soap before using. It quit working after the second use! The shower head also has a nice pressure control on it to make it Spray more or less.

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Gravel Cleaners Final Thoughts

Cleaning is so EASY!

I did have to cut one of the tubes to make it a little shorter but that was easy. Gets the turtle poos and I dont have to empty my tank every 2 weeks! Almost a must have for anyone with an aquarium. Perhaps if it gets a piece of sand in the pump then it freezes or seizes. We have a snapping turtle and I was having to clean his tank 2-3 times a month. This little tool helped so much my bare bottom tank looks great again. My prior one took several squeezes and I had to hold a finger over the outlet.

Overall Score

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  • Gravel Cleaners Features & Specs
  • Item: Fish Tank Gravel Cleaner Condition: New Quantity: 1 Perfect for all types of tanks Remove dirt and debris Consistent flow rate makes cleaning easy Excellent quality and suction power Multiple extension lengths Includes hose & filter bag Maximum water depth of 20.5 inches Batteries (C/LR 14) not included
  • Manufacture: Gravel Cleaners

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