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My carpet is about 1.

Seller even wrote a detailed page of instructions to care for the plants. Some need more work then others to get them established. But I am also glad I purchased 2 orders 4 Oz is well 4 Oz. This time I just put it all over the bottom. Some leaves came off but overall it is doing very well. I liked the fact the seeds didn't go all over the place. Hopefully, this will help set what you will experience as well.

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This time to add variety I ordered the FL bundle, and am once again glad I did. Some need more work then others to get them established. They are doing great and growing very well. I could not get them to grow at first, but that was my fault. Over night on the 7th day it sprouted all over the tank. I could not get them to grow at first, but that was my fault. No leaves have rotted and doing very well.

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  • LIVE AQUARIUM PLANT | Bolbitis Difformis, baby leaves fern from African. Growing great in wide range of conditions from low to high light. Every Bolbitis from Greenpro come in 2 inches pot ready to grow or tied to driftwoods or rocks.
  • EASY TO MAINTAIN | With slow growth rate during the first year, NO worry about difficult trimming. Once the size was reached, they will begin to increase more quickly.
  • PROVIDES AMAZING ENVIRONMENT | Aquatic plants will produce oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide to enhance water quality in your aquarium community. Adding water fern not only beneficial for the natural ecosystem but also giving shelter and security place for your aquarium pets.
  • BEST QUALITY | With our experience, every plants from Greenpro will be professionally inspected, packed and organized with suitable boxes for all weather conditions to make sure that will retain the freshness and healthiness to our customer hands.
  • HIGH TECHNOLOGY | Our plants grown by using the latest technology and facility with digital controlled nursery to ensure that our plants are diseases pest snail and algae free.
  • Manufacture: Greenpro

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