Hagen First Impressions

5-3 fish, not 5.

Best of luck if you purchase it this kit! I love looking at it while I'm in the kitchen. They'll have a lot more room to play around decorations and stuff, too. This helps to build a small eco system that reduces tank maintenance. I didn't know that the background only goes halfway down the back of the tank. Definitely recommend this tank hands down! The rule of thumb is one small fish per gallon.

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  • Value For Money
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Hagen Final Thoughts

The tank itself is fine.

It only goes halfway down which may bother some people but to me it's great! I absolutely love this eight gallon tank. It has a hood with integrated LED lighting. I cant wait to set this up and get some shrimp and cardinal tetras in there. The cherry shrimp had fries twice and now my Celestial Pearl Danios are laying eggs. I always had bubbles on the front of my tank no matter how I faced the tubes. Enough colors and gradients to please any demanding scaled pet.

Overall Score

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  • Hagen Features & Specs
  • Sleek, All Aluminum Waterproof Casing
  • Powerful & Energy Efficient LED's for Optimal Plant Growth and Shrimp Color
  • Convenient Touch Start Day & Night Illumination
  • Powerful 3 Stage Filtration with oversized Mechanical, Chemical, Biological Media
  • Manufacture: Josh's Frogs

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