Hamiledyi First Impressions

Cleans well and quickly.

It is simple, but not without being a very thoughtfully designed product. Like I said can splice more hose on to reach to the outside or wherever. The trigger can be pulled on and off and it shakes the gravel for you. It got clogged a few times and i had to take it to the sink and run water through it. Once you get the tank water flowing out of the tubing. I liked the idea of this product when I saw it, and decided to take a chance. That will show you which parts go were.

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Hamiledyi Final Thoughts

I purchased two of these.

Once you get the tank water flowing out of the tubing. All it takes is a couple of pumps and the water starts flowing. The pump works very well too, two squeezes and it's siphoning. Definitely like the bulb for starting suction easily. I used a plastic hose from home depot as this black hose is worthless. So much better than my smaller python. Ignore the orang plastic clip that attaches to a bucket.

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  • ❤Every aquarium owner knows how sensitive fish and aquatic life is. A direct contact of your skin with them or the water that they live in, might contaminate the water and cause its inhabitants allergic reactions. To prevent this unfortunate situation, use our Aquarium Gloves whenever you perform aquarium tasks, be it shifting the fish or just playing with them with your hands in water.
  • ❤ A unique blend of latex and PVC creates a durable waterproof exterior while a soft fine Cashmere lining provides a warm, comfortable interior.
  • ❤ Keep your hands, arms and sleeves free from water with the extra long 20.5 inches (52 cm) Aquarium Gloves with superior seamless stitching. A secure elastic cuff around the wrist of each glove ensures that the SunGrow Aquarium Gloves won’t slide down or fall off while you are wearing them, adding even more protection from water and marine life.
  • ❤The innovative anti skidding surface of the Aquarium Gloves comes is very convenient when handling sensitive aquatic life such as coral, sea anemone and crustaceans. Beyond standard aquarium maintenance, the versatile Aquarium Gloves are also useful for a variety of other household tasks such as hand washing your cars, cleaning the bathroom and dish washing.
  • ❤Package including:1 pair of gloves
  • Manufacture: Hamiledyi

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