Hewnda First Impressions

No harm to the fish.

I bought the Torpedo Beach sand hoping for a pretty white sand and it was. And it is not recommended that you rinse it out. This torpedo beach sand is wonderful. It's absolutely beautiful and I'm very pleased with it. I have yet to do a water change, but I do not anticipate any problems. This torpedo beach sand is wonderful. It helps eliminate deadly ammonia spikes.

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Hewnda Final Thoughts

Yes, its grey not black.

I used it in my fire bellied toad enclosure, it is cloudy but that's expected. Come to find out the sand is somewhat dirty. All three are inert; therefore, they do not affect ph. You probably need more if you are planning on planting live plants. Mine play and frolic constantly, leaving happy little trails all over the tank. There is a black sand from the same manufacturer called Tahitian Moon. I found that red cherry shrimp adore diatoms.

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  • Hewnda Features & Specs
  • Size: 2-4mm around the particles.
  • Cultivate nitrifying bacteria, aquaculture and landscaping sand, with the simulation of water plants with landscaping!
  • black bottom sand has a metallic bright black surface, especially in light illumination, can provide a contrasting black bed for ornamental fish and shrimp, help fish and shrimp hair color.
  • For guppies, ornamental rice shrimp (cherry, fire, yellow rice, etc.), crayfish, raw fish, ornamental turtle.
  • Cleaning: with a little dust, used for fish tank bottom sand, water to be cleaned, the way similar to Taomi, cleaning about 4.5 times the water gradually clear into the cylinder.
  • Manufacture: Hewnda

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