Hidom First Impressions

Good product.

Worked well, water and air flow is minimum due to slots being very thin. I highly recommend this product, simple and easy to use! No more babies swimming back up the cracks and getten eaten by mom. The babies are now in the box without the middle divider piece. I can home one day and one was dead and all torn up from the sides. We have 12 babies swimming around in our tank at the moment. The funnel tray is placed too high within the box.

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Hidom Final Thoughts

Overall I did like it.

The dividers only work with the fry drop in place. I bought one to try it out, and it's been excellent. Neither ended up having their babies in the breeder box. My kids observe the fish and write notes about health and behavior. Neither ended up having their babies in the breeder box. I rated this 4 because it works great for the babies to live in for a bit. Tired of my guppies eating their fry and found this.

Overall Score

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  • Hidom Features & Specs
  • A safe floating fish haven for livebearing fish and fry.
  • Bottom compartment safely collects and protects falling fry.
  • Includes suction cups, partition and lid.
  • Can also be used for displaying Betta (Siamese Fighting) Fish.
  • Suitable for isolating sick, injured or aggressive fish.
  • Manufacture: Hidom
  • Product Dimensions: 3.94 x 2.76 x 5.12 inches; 3.53 Ounces

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