Hikari 42055216425 First Impressions

Point taken.

This is a great addition to any feeding regiment for community and betta tanks. I have a number of freshwater aquariums with a wide variety of fish. To put it in perspective, its about 6 inches tall and 3 inches wide! There were two kinds of food--one flake and one in stick form. It's super fresh, and the tight seal on the lid makes its longevity stretch. Truth is though, my fish prefer this fish food to many others I've tried. I have about 11 fishes 6 different types and all fresh water fishes.

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Hikari 42055216425 Final Thoughts

It seems to do just fine.

They wouldn't go into detail about anything more. The flakes inside the bucket come inside a sturdy bag. I received my order today as promised and the shipping box was sealed and undamaged. Many betta foods are floating orbs that have a diameter too large for bettas. And watch them get dismantled, like a four yr old does with toast. I STRONGLY recommend you to open the bag IN ONE CORNER with scissors. It's a peaceful scene those pretty fish enjoying their snack.

Overall Score

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  • Hikari 42055216425 Features & Specs
  • Perfectly balanced to offer a daily diet most larger top-feeding carnivores love
  • Free of unwanted parasites and bacteria which are common with live foods
  • Higher levels of carotenoids promote brilliant colors
  • Absorbs water rapidly taking on a texture of a live fish
  • Each stick offers the caloric equivalent of approximately one live goldfish
  • Hikari Carni Sticks Jumbo 17.6oz
  • A Scientific Diet for Larger Awowana and Top Feeding Carnivores
  • Manufacture: Hikerman 99020262
  • Product Dimensions: 9.5 x 4.2 x 0.9 inches; 1.15 Pounds

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