Hikari HIKARI HK22206 1.23 oz Vibra Bites Tropi First Impressions

What a difference!

Best of luck to everyone and stay safe and healthy. I'd tried various flaked food, bloodworms, brine, and even live baby earthworms. The company and brand of Tetra has been my go to for products for years. LoL, So we are all happy at meal time. I have about 11 fishes 6 different types and all fresh water fishes. I can easily crumple it small or to any size for the little mouths. The fish have grown beautifully, rich in color and very healthy.

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Hikari HIKARI HK22206 1.23 oz Vibra Bites Tropi Final Thoughts

Surprise, surprise.

I don't even have to worry about my fish when away on vacation. The flakes absorb the moisture in the air, cake up, and clog the feeder. They didn't seem to like the stick variety so I tossed it and fed them the flakes. Betta fins make them slow, so they need something a little sturdier sometimes. I found this TetraMin Tropical Flakes item that met all of my needs. This is the super value tub and all my water creatures eat every bit I put in. In particular, they attack the red-colored flakes.

Overall Score

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  • Hikari HIKARI HK22206 1.23 oz Vibra Bites Tropi Features & Specs
  • Carefully selected color enhancing ingredients help rapidly bring out the brilliant colors of your fish
  • Uniquely balanced formulation offers nutrition live worms cannot without the parasite or bacteria risks.
  • Inclusion of mealworms make this a delicious offering most tropical fish immediately attack
  • Unique stick that readily moves through the water column like live food
  • Ideal tropical fish who prefer live foods
  • Manufacture: Hikari
  • Product Dimensions: 4.33 x 4.33 x 4.33 inches; 1.23 Ounces

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