Home Essentials 1723B First Impressions

Fine for the price.

With my 2 plastic fish bowls I set about putting together my terrariums. The bends in the plastic make the inside slightly distorted. Plastic is perfect for your little fishy! My betta looks very comfortable in it. We bought this for our little betta since someone in his tank was picking on him. Bought a few different shapes of these for an event. Very nice plastic fish bowls amazon, you did it again!

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Home Essentials 1723B Final Thoughts

Inside or out.

It's very easy to clean and I will be buying a 2nd one. I would rather oversize than under. That was his very first terrarium& he was very eager to show it off! Bought this for my kids fish Lucas. The shape is also unique and gives the tank a bit of style. It's a small complaint but something I wanted others to be aware of. My gorgeous blue beta fish looks great in it and seems happy, too.

Overall Score

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  • Home Essentials 1723B Features & Specs
  • Clear Glass Fish Bowl
  • Approximately 15.09 Inches x 7.08 Inches x 9.05 Inches
  • Perfect for Candy and Nuts
  • Manufacture: Home Essentials
  • Item Weight: 3.79 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 16.3 x 10.4 x 8.4 inches

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