Hydor First Impressions

Worked perfectly.

I wasn't sure it was even on when I plugged it in. There are two pieces of wood among the rocks. It's totally silent, runs very cool, and is reliable so far. Replacement pump arrived quickly and my tank was up and running like it should. Everything is still clear 4 days later. You need to replace this after cleaning the filter every so often. Smokes their DNA at the reproductive level making them sterile.

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Hydor Final Thoughts

Great pump.

The bubbles are noisier than an air-stone. If you're settling up any Eheim filter system, use the actual OEM green tubing. It's bulky and must be completely submerged so it's hard to miss in my tank. German reputation for quality still lives on. It also couldn't be easier to install. The unit is silent as far as I can tell, unless you turn the bubbles on. The water is clear and fish are healthy.

Overall Score

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