Hydor C01122 First Impressions

Canisters don't.

My box came in good condition, parts where in tact and new. This lives up to the praise that people give it. You do have to unplug it for those two jobs. They can be very noisy at the impeller, which sometimes quiets in time, but may not. My tank was a mess when I got this pump. Once I found that, the world was right again. My fish are definitely happier and my water is crystal clear.

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Hydor C01122 Final Thoughts

- Plug it into power.

I stopped the pump and I pulled it apart. I own 3 of these and besides my canister they are my favorite filters. Now I'm having the same issue with the Aqua Clear 50. It doesn't rise up hugely above the tank like a lot of HOB filters. You do have to unplug it for those two jobs. Your fish and you will be much happier and stun everyone else. It doesn't rise up hugely above the tank like a lot of HOB filters.

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  • Hydor C01122 Features & Specs
  • COMPLETE ECOSYSTEM IN A BOX: This external filter for aquariums offers maximum performance and high filtration standards, not to mention an entire eco-system in a box
  • SIMPLE TO USE: The long-life ceramic shaft, large filter volume and safety locks make the Prime External Canister Filter easy to use as a beginner or a long-term hobbyist. The space-saving unit is perfect for small to large aquariums
  • FILTER OPTIONS: Prime External Canister Filters always contain coarse sponge for mechanical filtration, fine white floss pad for water polishing and Sintered Quartz BIO-Rings for superior biological filtration
  • SPECIALIZED SERVICE: With more than 30 years of experience offering high-quality products for the passionate marine aquarist, Hydor is dedicated to manufacturing unique and innovative items in the field of aquarium technology
  • PREMIUM VERSATILITY: This Prime External Canister is ideal for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums, turtles and amphibians. It is simple to prime and offers the versatility you need
  • Manufacture: Hydor

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