Hydor Hydor USA First Impressions

Nicely made.

It drives a 5ft fluidized bed filter and CO2 reactor tower. It works, it's not too expensive, and I'm happy. The bubbles are noisier than an air-stone. I've had it running for almost a week, and it's basically silent. Arrived well packaged, brand new in original box, fast delivery via Amazon Prime. I have not found the replacement bulbs available yet. Third pic was taken 15 days after the first pic, 5 days after the second.

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Hydor Hydor USA Final Thoughts

Oh, and one more thing.

Everything is still clear 4 days later. The hose is high quality and hooked right up to my new Eheim setup. My loft gets lots of sun, so algae is a constant battle in my 60 gallon. Replacing my 15 yr old aquarium hoses due to old one hardening. Very well-made product and fits on a filter I am using that is not from this company. Closing the shades and a massive water change could not hold it at bay. It's bulky and must be completely submerged so it's hard to miss in my tank.

Overall Score

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  • Hydor Hydor USA Features & Specs
  • Compatible with most timers and controllers
  • Magnet and suction-cup mount for easy positioning
  • Built-in fish guard
  • Energy efficient, low power consumption
  • AHS-Anti Heating System guarantees safety
  • Manufacture: Hydor USA, Inc.
  • Product Dimensions: 4.5 x 4.5 x 4.5 inches; 1.8 Pounds

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