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Install was simple.

I have one running to sponge filters in a tank and it pushing a nice air flow. You MUST use a fan with this pump or it will def burn out or lose pressure. I found calcium deposits were clogging the bottom where the air was supposed to exit. I have been in the hobby for 20+ years and this is the best air pump! It's the second one of this model I’ve owned. Save some money by not having to replace your air pumps every year! And one to the additional accessories for extra oxygen output only.

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hygger Final Thoughts

Great air pump.

And one to the additional accessories for extra oxygen output only. It makes the perfect size bubbles and the fish love it. Works well in my 75 gal tank running a 36 inch bubble stick! Overall seems like a good air pump. Otherwise, I would buy another one. My 20H tank is in my office, 3 feet away from my desk. I had the Whisper models and they were way too high in emissions.

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  • hygger Features & Specs
  • Excellent Performance - Hygger 10W fish tank air pump with a powerful motor yet only uses 10 watt offering 16 liters of air per minute which is about 256 gph, UL-Listed, reliable and low consumption, able to run for multiple air stones, protein skimmers and sponge filters
  • Instant, Stable Airflow - This Strong Aquarium Air Pump with 2 outlets pumps out strong airflow to dissolve sufficient oxygen for your aquarium up to 6 feet deep, can be used for tanks from 55 to 600 gallons, up to 4 applications
  • Super Quiet - Baffle chamber with rubber suction cups reduce noises, 10w air pump runs quietly that you can barely hear the humming unless you put your ears to it. Maximum level up to 30 decibels
  • Airflow Adjustable - Control knob on the top where you can adjust the volume of air flow to optimize the performance of your air pump drive equipment (Note: turn the knob half way at minimum setting) , 2 outlets fit for 3/16” standard airline tubing (PS: air tubing not included)
  • Widely Applications - This large air pump measures 7.5 x 5.1 x 3.9 inches and weighs 2.5 pounds, ideal for freshwater and saltwater aquariums, hydropnics and koi ponds
  • Four suction cups helps air pump to stay in place and reduce much noises
  • Control knob to adjust the volume of air flow
  • Two outlets support two and more aquariums simultaneously
  • Manufacture: hygger

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