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5 gallon Betta tank.

I put a nice little fan next to mine and it now runs much cooler! I was going to buy 3 small air pumps to power 9 sponge filters when I saw this pump. I was wrong it has enough power to run all 9 with air to spare. So I completely disassembled the sponge holder. All the reviews from all the different models are lumped together. The company made it right and took care of me. The stone is very heavy, so it is easy to position and stays put where you want it.

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This would be the fourth attempt to satisfy my needs and my ears. You MUST use a fan with this pump or it will def burn out or lose pressure. Adjustable air flow settings which is new to me on a air pump but very convenient. My 20H tank is in my office, 3 feet away from my desk. I will just keep the old one for parts should I need it. A white tail deer can hear a whisper 75 yards away! Considering the warranty and performance, I upgraded my rating by 2 stars.

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  • hygger Features & Specs
  • Adjustable Air Pump: With adjustment control knob, the air flow can be adjusted according to your own preferences, up to 160GPH. The air is used to vibrate the air bubbles to increase the area of the water contact with the air, so that the water can dissolve the oxygen, thereby increasing the oxygen content in the water.
  • Double Air Outlet Pump: The bubbles are even,natural and stable. Can be connected to nano air stone, biochemical sponge filter, landscaping windmill rockery, aquarium air shell and other aerobic landscaping equipment. Suitable up to 150gallon fish tanks (cannot exceed 5 feet water depth).
  • 6-step Quiet Air Pump: Thickened ABS plastic, sealing machine noise; Stainless steel cover, locked motor sound; Bearing┬áless motor, works through magnetic bearings; Internal support feet, the motor does not touch the cover, reduce noise; 8 bottom rubber feet, reduce vibration; Noise reduction motor.The water cup on on top of pump will not vibrate violently and flow out.
  • Stable and Durable: Full copper wire motor, more power saving, longer life and more stable operation. And the diaphragm made of special synthetic rubber is durable. The bottom air intake filter blocks the impurity particles, makes the air more pure, and make the air pump run normally.
  • High-quality Guarantee: With ABS environmentally-friendly plastic case, which is high-density thickening, anti-drop, wear-resistant, high temperature and low temperature are not easy to deform. To get a warranty, please contact the seller to resolve your issue, thank you.Note: The accessories in the picture are not included, only a air pump.
  • Low air output: dense air bubbles, suitable for small and medium fish tanks or a small number of fish.
  • High oxygen output: The bubbles are even, suitable for large tanks or a large number of fish.
  • Note:The volume of the two air holes is almost the same, and there is not much difference.
  • Manufacture: hygger

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