hygger First Impressions

This tank is super small.

It is bit expensive, but I don't think I will ever need to buy another tank again. Overall I'm pleased with the purchase. Still waiting for the silicone to cure. I will most definitely be sticking with Landen for future aquarium purchases. Mine loves lounging and swimming through ours. I find them very easy to keep clean. I'm really liking the Landen line of aquariums.

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hygger Final Thoughts

Scratch that.

I also add seachem pristine per direction once a week for first few months. They are affordable and beautiful and well made. I have this aquarium for now a couple of weeks. It sits inside of styrofoam and is double boxed and wrapped once with bubble wrap. The most serious issue thus far is the light bar. Indeed the light did not illuminate at all but only flashed as seen in the video. It really makes it easy to keep the outside surface clean and shiny!

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  • hygger Features & Specs
  • Hygger 4 Gallon Aquarium Starter Kit Includes – 4 gallon glass aquarium, 3-in-1 water pump, 4 LED lighting mode hood, and 2-pack filter cartridges replacement. Add gravel, fish, plant and décor to complete your aquarium
  • Smart Touch Screen LED Lighting Hood – Simple touch to the button next to digital number of the aquarium lid to switch from shimmering white daytime effect to relaxing moon light for night. 4 lighting modes with white, blue, red and green LED bulbs
  • Quiet 3-IN-1 Water Pump – This 3-watt submersible pump helps water cycling while the bio ball filter cartridge box helps to clean water, absorbs odors and discoloration, provide a crystal clear water for your aquarium. Connect with air tube, it produces bubbles that agitate water surface (PS: water flow is non-adjustable). For replacement pump, search ASIN B082W1PJ94. Replacement filter cartridge, search ASIN B07XRJ4YB3
  • Easy Access Flip Lid – Flipped plastic canopy is easy to access to tank for feeding and regular maintenance ; Equipped with temperature probe, easy to read digital LED real time water temperature
  • Easy to Set up and Maintain – This sleek, modern fish tank completes any compliment of home, office, counter and desktop. Perfect for house betta fish, small tropical fish, snail, shrimp and plant. Aquarium dimension: 11" L x 7.5" W x 12.6" H
  • 1× Mini aquarium glass tank with LED Hood
  • 1× Submersible water pump
  • 2× Filter media cartridges
  • Manufacture: hygger

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